Backhoe Loaders

Dig deep or scoop up dirt, debris and more with Herc Rentals' wide selection of backhoe loaders. Available in 2WD and 4WD, these backhoe loaders deliver powerful and precise performance on any surface.


Rock and roll in no time flat with Herc Rentals rugged walk-behind tandem rollers and articulating trench rollers. Built to satisfy the needs of the most demanding contractors, these rollers deliver a powerful soil and asphalt compaction force making them ideal for road construction, patching asphalt and more.

We are importers of New and Used Heavy Machineries

The JCB backhoe loader range has led the world in terms of features and sales as the biggest selling backhoe manufacturer on the planet. JCB backhoe loaders are designed and built to offer ultimate productivity, durability, efficiency, safety, comfort and reliability.All our backhoe loaders are designed to make a big difference to the things that matter in tough market conditions such as versatility, residuals and fuel efficiency. Our 3CX and 4CX backhoe loaders are used in construction across the world as they offer countless features to ensure performance and cost efficiency.